Cafe con sabor a Frutos Rojos tipo Drip por 6 unidades


It is a soft export type coffee with a good flavor and aroma, with a medium roast taking advantage of the good qualities of a good coffee, after roasting and grinding, a natural essence of red fruits is added where you will find flavors and aromas of blackberry, strawberry, cherry and raspberry. It has no glucose or sugars, this process does not alter the nutritional table of a good coffee, thus giving a unique and pleasant experience.

With this presentation you can find Aroma, Flavor and Experiences, where you can enjoy preparations such as infusion, filtered in a cup. The ease of being able to prepare a good coffee anywhere, you just need hot water.


Coffee Profile

Fragrance and aroma: Notes of Chocolate, Floral, Mellow

Body: Medium Acidity: Medium Drying: Sol

Toztion: Medium





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